Major Sociological Thinkers

  • Major Sociological Thinkers

    1) Auguste Comte

    2) Karl Marx

    3) Herbert Spencer

    4) Emile Durkheim

    5) George Herbert Mead

    6) Max Weber

    7) C. Wright Mills

    8) Randal Collins

    9) Talcott Parsons

    10) Kingsley Davis

    11) W.I. Thomas

    12) Erving Goffman



    Individual Class Presentation: Major Sociological Thinkers

    Offer a 10 minute oral presentation to the class using a student-created Powerpoint on one of the following assigned major sociological thinkers.  Presentations should focus on:

    1.)  the life of the major sociological thinker  

    2.)  the thinker’s major ideas and theories in sociology

    3.) the thinker’s major contributions to the field of sociology

    4). Any controversy about this thinker’s major ideas or theories


    Presenters may use note cards but should not simply read a presentation.  (Do NOT use Wikipedia.) 

    The presentation should be in the words of the presenter, not plagiarized from a book or internet site.  

    ***The student presenter should try out his Powerpoint presentation at least a day or two before his/her presentation due date to ensure that it can open on the classroom computer, is properly formatted, etc.    The student should also email a copy of the Powerpoint presentation to the teacher’s email the day before the presentation is due to be presented.