America at War


                       USAF B-2


    America at War                                                                                                     Dr. Andrews  



    Course Description: This course will examine the major aspects of America's involvement in war since America's early foundations to the present. 


    Readings:  various readings assigned in class


    Grading: Each quarter may consist of a slightly different number of tests, essays, projects, and homework assignments depending upon how test days fall in the calendar, etc. 

    For any given quarter, add the following:                                                             Hypothetical numbers:

    Essays/projects (100 pts. each)                                                                     

                                                                                              if 3 essays/projects, up to 300 points

    Multiple Choice Tests

    (each 100 point test covers 1-2 chapter readings/topic areas)                                                       

                                                                                                if 3 tests, up to 300 points


     Class Participation                                                                              up to 100 points

                                                                                                                                     700/7 = 100 pts.


    The quarter grade will be computed by dividing the total number of points by the number of 100 pt. units assigned during a particular quarter.  A quarter that had more/less essays, tests, and/or other assignments than another quarter might have a different total number of points, such as 600-800 points and then be divided by 6 or 8 accordingly. 

    Class Participation                                                        

    (***Your attendance is very important.  You cannot participate if you are not here; class participation  includes in-class work, demonstrated knowledge of the readings in in-class discussions, and reaction papers to in-class videos.)

    Tests (&/or Pop Quizzes)                                             

    (Tests will be given every one-two weeks in the typical semester, usually on only one or two chapters  and usually in the objective (multiple choice or short answer) format.  While chapter tests &/or quizzes will usually be announced, they may be unannounced on occasion to ensure that readings are done in a timely fashion.) 

    Projects/Oral Presentations/Research Papers (details to be given in class)           




    It is the student’s responsibility, not the teacher’s, to find out about and makeup any missing work, projects, papers, in-class assignments, &/or tests/quizzes missed because of legitimate absence*** either on the day of the student’s return or within one day of the student’s return either after school or during a period of the teacher’s choosing (if that student does not already have another class).  Sports &/or other after school activities do not excuse a student from making up missed work.   Assignments not submitted &/or tests/quizzes not taken because of a “cut” will receive a grade of a “zero.”  Any “cut” during an academic quarter will have a serious and detrimental impact upon a student’s class participation grade for that quarter. 

    ***Absences, other than for illness or attendance at funeral services, must be pre-approved by the teacher to be considered a legitimate absence for missing class in this course.



    Students who are late must have a pass from another teacher.  Frequent lateness will have a negative impact upon a student’s grade.  Students who are scheduled to have a test or major assignment due that period are not excused from that period’s test or assignment simply because they “have a pass.” 


        WWII era Sherman tank   


              The Pentagon

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