The Wizard of Bozz - Welcome to the Courses for Mr. Bosley

  • You have landed on the website for Mr. Bosley.  The courses I teach are located to the side underneath "My Home Page".  Please click on them to navigate to the files specific to the course you are interested in. 

    To contact me, please send me an email.  My address is:  You can also reach me through my office phone: 631-367-6818.

    I am available for extra help most mornings before school (7:25-7:40) and during the school day during my off periods. Please check my schedule in the English Office.  I am willing to meet with you any day, but please make an appointment so I am expecting you.

    The English testing days are Mondays and Fridays!  This two-day flexibility makes it essential you are checking the calendar!  Check the Calendar button to the side.