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  •  kind

    Spreading Kindness Continued! #CSHUnites Initiative West Side

    So many beautiful examples of kindness were shared in the district throughout National Kindness Week….and it was clear that kindness does not start and stop here. These students role model the gift of kindness, and they showed us the best gift to give back!

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  •  books

    West Side Happenings There’s nothing quite like picking out a new book to read at the book fair!

    And it’s always an adventure in the Creative Learning Lab (CLL) with Ms. Diehl when it comes to learning coding with KidOYO. Students work on complex problem solving, critical thinking and creativity to complete challenges and earn badges with KidOYO while progressing though block coding, sprite editors, maze code, and into python, html, java and beyond. In basic terms, coding is problem solving.

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  •  CSH food Drives

    Thanksgiving Food Donation Drives - CSH Unites

    Throughout the district, the amazing generosity of our community continues to support those in need during the holiday season. Thank you to the tremendous efforts of the PTG’s, student council advisors and members, and various contingencies at the Jr,/Sr. High from community service coordinator, Karen Uhl-Smith and homeroom teachers who took the initiative to organize this drive. Kudos to the Spanish club who went above and beyond with the help of advisors Jennifer Coniglio and Maria Segura, who for the second year in a row did a Hispanic food drive for Spanish foods not typically donated – but so much in need. Students in Ms. Jordan’s class wrote out grocery lists in Spanish, shopped and then decorated their boxes in Spanish.

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  •  WSS Students

    West Side Students speak at the Board of Education Meeting

    Thank you, West Side student council officers, for your informative presentation at the Board of Education November 14 meeting. It is always a highlight at the board meetings to listen to the students tell their story and favorite school activities. Each month, students from each school speak and we love to listen! If you can’t make the board meeting, all meetings are now live streamed.

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  •  Superintendent’s Conference Day Guest Speaker, George Couros

    Superintendent’s Conference Day Guest Speaker, George Couros

    Superintendent’s Conference Days are a time to gather with colleagues for workshops and discussions to further learning opportunities and best practices that help connect staff districtwide for professional growth, both as individuals and team members. It is a unique platform to come together, share experiences and gain valuable insights – harnessing new ideas and innovative approaches. On November 7, the school may have been closed to students, but the classrooms were filled with staff!

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  •  Nassau Music Educators “Honor Your Administrator Night”

    Nassau Music Educators “Honor Your Administrator Night”

    Cold Spring Harbor School District music educators and administration attended the annual “Honor Your Administrator’s Night” hosted by NMEA (Nassau Music Educators Association) on November 8 at The Heritage Club at Bethpage. The mission of the NMEA is to enrich school music programs by nurturing student musicianship and empowering members through collaboration and professional development.

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  •  fles

    Hola - Mucho Gusto! West Side FLES lesson

    If you were a fly on the wall during a second grade FLES Spanish lesson, would you ever imagine the entire period would be spoken and answered in Spanish? It was hard to believe these students were not only “understanding” the review lesson in Spanish, but they were “answering” each question in Spanish! FLES teacher, Sandra Rivadeneyra, held up various flags to be identified by country and color.

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  •  Science

    Launch Pad Hopper Poppers!

    At West Side, Science teacher Julia Glass had her third grade students experiment with gravity, pushes and pulls as part of a forces unit, by making cardboard hopper poppers in conjunction with rubber bands and rulers. Working in partnerships, students predicted how high their hoppers would jump. They experimented on what they could do to make their hoppers launch even higher; did their ideas work?

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