Community Service for Seniors

  • Public Affairs/Economics:


    Community Service for Seniors




    Seniors taking Economics and/or Public Affairs

    Seniors taking this course must complete 5 hours of community service no later than two weeks prior to the end of the semester.  (A total of 10 hours is required for Public Affairs and Economics.)  A signed* community service log sheet with contact information (*signed by the agency supervisor) or signed letter on agency letterhead and a one-page, typed student reflection paper on the experience submitted together will count as a second quarter grade worth 100 points. 

    Whenever possible, save a thank you letter from the letterhead of the organization you volunteered.

    The community service has to be unpaid volunteering at a non-for profit charity &/or public school or public service organization.  It is not a business internship. Volunteering to help a family member or friend, while admirable, does not constitute community service for the purposes of this course. 


    A community service bulletin board is located in the hallway entering the cafeteria.



    Community Service Logs and Permission Slips are located in the Social Studies Office.  You may print out an attachment as well.

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    Community Service Log