What is PARCC?

  • What is PARCC?

    The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) is a consortium of states and Washington D.C. working together to develop a common set of assessments intended to evaluate whether students are on track for success in college and careers.

    What is the latest? November 2013

    The Board of Regents has decided that New York State will not implement PARCC in 2014-2015. Whether or not PARCC is adopted at all will be determined in the future.  The reasons cited for this delay are inadequate technology, longer administration times, and higher costs. Field testing will continue and New York will remain part of the PARCC consortium. No matter what, districts should continue to prepare for eventual computer-based testing, whether PARCC or NYS assessments are administered.


    Notes from Board of Regents meeting.

    The NYS Education Department is recommending that PARCC not be implemented in 2014-2015

            PARCC is making progress but SED leadership feels it is not ready yet

            PARCC has four elements:  An early diagnostic exam is given in September and a midpoint assessment is given in January. A mid-year performance based test is given and finally a year end summative test is administered.  Total of 4 elements

            PARCC is not being recommended due to tech readiness concerns, costs and increased time for test administration

            PARCC costs exceed current NYS Assessment costs.  The increased costs of PARCC would be absorbed at the local level

            SED is not recommending that NYS pull out of the PARCC consortium

            SED is recommending that NYS continue to participate in PARCC field testing

            School districts will be encouraged to continue to advance technology to prepare for Computer Based Testing at some point in time.

            Chancellor Tisch recommended that the Board of Regents disconnect from PARCC 

            Recommendation still remains to allow for one device per student in the largest grade level and to keep developing ed tech capacity for 2015-2016