Words Their Way Routines

  • Words Their Way


    Word Sort

    Tuesday – No Switch

    No Switch


    Game Day

    Thursday – No Switch

    Word Hunt/Word Activity




    Monday:  Introduce the words by Poem Read Aloud/shared reading.  Everyone puts a copy of the poem (with color directions) in their folder.  Begin the word sort by cutting out the words


    HW: Blind Sort


    Tuesday (no switch):  Poem Day, color code your poem, glue into your notebook and illustrate


    HW: Writing Sort


    Wednesday:  Speed Sort with partner and stop Watch…Game Day


    HW: Word Hunt


    Thursday (no switch):  Glue words on mat and begin Word Hunt (Try to find 2 or 3 words for each pattern) and Word search, scramble or other activity.


    HW: Study Words


    Friday: Share your word hunt words with a partner and review words for assessment