Reading Aloud to Your Child

  • It is the act of reading that is most important. However, there are things you can do to maximize the benefits of the reading experience:

    orange bulletTry to establish a regular time for reading aloud.

    orange bulletFind a quiet, comfortable place; snuggling together while reading is important.

    orange bulletRemove background distractions.

    orange bulletSelect a book both you and your child can enjoy.

    orange bulletPoint out the cover illustration and the author and illustrator's names.

    orange bulletRead with expression; have fun bringing the characters and events to life.

    orange bulletRead slowly so your child inorder to take in the words and look at the pictures.

    orange bulletEncourage questions.

    orange bulletWatch the child’s body language to see if you need to take a break.

    orange bulletTalk about the book afterward. Be sure to elicit the child’s reaction.

    orange bulletIf it is a frequently read book, ask the child to retell the story in his own words.

    (list was developed by RIF)