• Homework is a shared responsibility among students, parents, and teachers. The purpose of homework is to review the lessons of the day. Parents can best assist their children with homework by providing them with the proper supplies and a comfortable working environment with few distractions. Rather than telling students the answers, parents should try to encourage their children by asking them questions that might guide them to the answer. Assist students by encouraging them to read directions carefully, reread their work, present their results neatly, and extend their best effort. 

    Following this procedure will ensure that valuable homework is completed, and that students develop and/or refine time management skills and work habits. If homework is viewed for its positive aspects, it often becomes easier to manage. Please assist your children in realizing the value of homework and the importance of completing it to the best of his/her ability.

    In our class this year, we have a homework procedure that involves the following steps: 

    1.  Homework is usually assigned Monday through Thursday in class 4Sm. At the beginning of each week, a cover sheet listing the week's assignments will be sent home in the LHS folder.  

    2.  Student places necessary assignments in their LHS Homework Folder and packs up any books to take home.

    3.  Parent checks to see if their child's homework is completed and neatly done. If you find that your child needs additional support with their homework, parents can write a note on the worksheet alerting the teacher of this.

    4.  Student returns their homework the next morning.

    5.  If a student does not complete an assignment, an "For Your Information" form will be sent home informing the parents about the missing homework. It is encouraged that the late assignment be completed the next evening and then be returned to school.