•  Writing Workshop


    An important part of our curriculum is Writing Workshop.  Students are encouraged to write memories, poems, letters, cards, reports, and other forms of writing.  We help students learn that what they say is important, and it should be written down.  We believe helping these young writers create a life around writing will help them be better writers.

    We will work on our ability to write about a variety of topics in a variety of styles.  We will also be building our writing stamina; pushing ourselves to write longer entries, and to write for more extended periods of time.  Each student’s best effort in spelling is encouraged, but correct spelling in the writer’s notebook is not the goal.   Once entries are selected from the notebook, they will be drafted, revised and edited.

    Parents do many things to support their child’s literacy.  Here are some ideas to help your child with their writing at home……

    • Keep a journal of adventures/trips you go on

    • Encourage your child to create/write their own books, poems, letters, and share them with you

    • Ask your child to share the writing they bring home from school

    • Encourage your child to create cards, posters

    • Encourage your child to keep a list of chores, or their “wish list” for Hanukkah or Christmas