• The Writing Workshop, similar to the Reading Workshop, is a method of teaching writing using a workshop method.  Students are given opportunities to write in a variety of genres and helps foster a love of writing.  The Writing Workshop allows teachers to meet the needs of their students by differentiating their instruction and gearing instruction based on information gathered throughout the workshop.  (http://www.busyteacherscafe.com/literacy/writing_workshop.html)

    I will discuss this at Back To School Night.  You should not complete this before that time.  :)

    In our Small Moments unit of study for Writer’s Workshop, we are encouraging children to use storytelling, drawings, and words to make meaning. We will encourage our class to use language that re-creates a memory of a small moment in time. It need not be something as big as a huge family trip or a birthday party but something as important as a mosquito bite, a loose tooth, or choosing a cupcake at a bakery.

     Please help your child find magazine clippings, photographs, or drawings that remind them of some of small moments in their lives. Please write a caption under each. These visual aids will be part of their writing folders at school and will provide your little author with a great tool for generating ideas. 

    Please glue your items on the oak-tag paper attached. You may use both sides. Return to school as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your assistance with this endeavor!