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#CSHUNITES for PS I Love You Day Wear Purple on Feb. 9!

During the month of February, #CSH Unites spearheaded the project “PS I Love You Day” which was celebrated on February 9. This special day was created by Brooke and Jamie DePalma, West Islip graduates, who lost their father to suicide in 2010 while both were students at West Islip High School. PS I Love You Day started as a local initiative and has grown to include schools all over Long Island, New York state, and the country. The mission of PS I Love You Day is to bring awareness to mental health and suicide prevention. Their hope is that everyone remembers “You are not alone.”
School districts were encouraged to wear purple on this day, and CSH united in this effort to build awareness about this organization and their mission of understanding a very difficult topic. Each school planned for age appropriate discussions. At Goosehill, books on kindness, caring, love and the importance of friendship were shared. At West Side, morning assemblies and classroom shares focused on helping others if we are having a bad day, or if someone is bullied, and that there is always beauty in a new morning and fresh start. Most importantly, to let students know to seek help from a friend or trusted adult, support staff or family.
At Lloyd Harbor, the theme was “Love is Meant to Be Given.” Discussing mental health and suicide can be difficult even for adults, and their focus on the day was about kindness, friendship, and being there for each other in tough times. Besides wearing purple and spreading the message that no one is ever alone, Lloyd Harbor participated in World Read Aloud Day with age appropriate books. Principal Massimo was pleased to share the book, Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch, to grade 6 – which is a story about what happens when you give love away to others. Districtwide, other activities will continue the theme with various activities for Valentine’s Day.
At the Jr./Sr. High, a bulletin board was created to share resources with students and staff. Lauren Navarra, social worker, worked with the Junior & Senior High Natural Helpers Club and the guidance department to get students and staff to sign purple papers with the PS I Love You logo that were hung up on February 9. The Natural Helpers wrote inspirational post it notes which were placed on every students' locker as a morning surprise on Feb. 9. Ms. Navarra also pushed into health classes to discuss mental health and resources.
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