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Jr./Sr. High Music Students visit the Elementary Schools

It wasn’t a concert tour, but these music students showed our sixth graders a different type of tour, introducing them to the world of music choices next year when they enter junior high. Accompanied by music teachers Daniel Santangelo and Amanda Segale, these advanced string musicians and choir members wowed their once “younger selves” as they sang the National Anthem and an incredible string melody from Beauty and the Beast. You could hear a pin drop, and mouths were wide open in wonder at the power of practice just a few years demonstrated before their young eyes. Some of the performers were only freshman and sophomores, only three or four years older, and behold already a member of these elite ensembles. Mr. Santangelo explained the many different opportunities that await them in seventh grade, and he answered numerous questions about all the courses and even the field trips students can attend. Thank you to our very talented student musicians for a beautiful performance, soon you will be inviting in many new members from our sixth graders at Lloyd Harbor and West Side School.