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CSH Unites Districtwide Initiative Martin Luther King Jr., Day and International Day of Holocaust Remembrance

Each month, the district comes together in preparation of specific school-wide initiatives collaborating together for CSH Unites. Various administrators are charged with coordinating efforts and providing age-appropriate books or projects to coincide with monthly themes which have included: Unity Day & Bullying Prevention, Red-Ribbon Week, World Kindness and a “Month of Giving.” In January, each school celebrated Martin Luther King Jr., Day and honored the International Day of Holocaust Remembrance with age-appropriate grade level learning, ranging from story time, art, song, discussion, research, literature, service learning and a guest speaker presentation.
At the Jr./Sr. High, Principal Danbusky encouraged students and staff to do a service-learning challenge on Martin Luther King Jr., Day which he himself shared with his volunteer family experience at the Sid Jacobson JCC in Roslyn. Students were encouraged to post about any volunteer opportunities they participated in at #CSHUnites. On January 12, a very special presentation was held in the PAC for students grades 7-10, with guest speaker Dinah Kramer, the child of two Holocaust survivors. Mrs. Kramer shared the personal experiences of her mother, a survivor of the Hasag Pelcery labor camp, and her father, a survivor of Auschwitz. She finished her presentation with a quote from Edward Everett Hale, which she presented as a charge for our students. The charge given them was to embrace the following, “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.” Mr. Danbusky shared, “I thought it was an appropriate challenge for our students to accept, especially as we approached Martin Luther King Jr. Day. As we listened to the stories of survival and witnessed the power of resilience, it reinforced the notion that education and empathy are catalysts for change. The presentation from Mrs. Kramer further emphasized the importance of bearing witness to history. Her narrative, echoing Elie Wiesel's words, served as a reminder that by acknowledging the stories of the past, we become agents of change in shaping a better future. Let us draw strength from the stories of those who fought for justice and equality, and let their resilience inspire our commitment to fostering a school community founded on understanding, compassion, and unity. May the echoes of the past guide us as we navigate the present and shape the future together.”
Social Studies and English classes also focused on interactive discussions, research and interview projects, age-appropriate literature, multi-media presentations, journaling and encouragement to visit historical theater productions, memorials or museums when possible. Grade 8 will have the opportunity to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum during their Wash D.C. this spring. Thank you to the faculty for exploring so many diverse cross curricular lessons, and also to those who attended a transformative professional development session at the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Long Island which culminated in the inspiring presentation to our students from Mrs. Dinah Kramer.
At Goosehill, our youngest continued to embrace themes of kindness, and in remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr., created a hopes and peace “I have a dream tree” seen here with Ms. Adams class. Ms. Novelli’s class created a project with different shades of hands that morphed into peace flowers. In art, Katrina Albanese had students “make their mark and see where it takes you” collage, and hallways were filled with ‘My Dream Is” hearts filled with ambitious looks toward the future. Of course, numerous books about peace were read and shared, along with Scholastic magazine lessons and age-appropriate Martin Luther King Jr., videos…that highlighted “I Have a Dream” and sing-a-long songs. Thank you, Goosehill, for sharing your kindness and caring ways!
At Lloyd Harbor, bulletin boards were strewn with facts and quotes about Martin Luther King Jr., sharing dreams and favorite quotes emphasized with narratives. Each grade had their own special handprint of lessons on Martin Luther King Jr., including their own dreams, artwork, and the many books they read and shared together in the classroom along with inspirational lessons and words of wisdom spoken on LHTV. In support of Holocaust Remembrance Day, each grade level at LHS took on its own extension of the school-wide monthly theme of Peace. Lessons focused on prejudice, discrimination, celebrating differences and kindness. Thank you to all the students for continuing to be role models and following their HIKER values for which Dr. King would be proud….as you walk in his footsteps with your core values embraced at Lloyd Harbor School with Honesty, Inclusion, Kindness, Empathy and Respect for all.
At West Side, the morning assemblies are a time to reflect, celebrate, learn and honor those moments in history that need to be remembered. Students gather and listen to lessons, videos, songs and presentations. In remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the students assembled before class to learn and listen to the great teachings and words Dr. King inspired in others during his life. Dr. Barnes wanted the students to see a video of “young Martin” and to learn why our nation celebrates his legacy every third Monday in January. As one of the most quoted historic figures in our nations, the students were encouraged to share facts they have learned with their family and friends. Students read many books – including the reading buddies’ program where younger and older students united to read to each other in class. Dr. Barnes also suggested the reading of the book Martin & Anne: The Kindred Spirits of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Anne Frank, by Nancy Churnin. They were born the same year, 1929, yet lived across an ocean seemingly from different worlds and different lifetimes. They faced similar racial hatreds and reacted to that hate with words of love, reaching out to build understanding rather than divisiveness. Martin & Anne tells their inspiring stories, encouraging all of us to choose kindness whenever we can. Thank you, West Side, for always inspiring us with your spirit, kindness, enthusiasm and zest for learning!