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Artist in Residency Jr./Sr. High Celebrates 60 Years!

Muralist, Joe Pimentel, has made quite a splash on the walls of the Jr./Sr. High School! The mural commemorates the 60th year anniversary of the Jr./Sr. High School and symbolizes “A Walk-Through Time.” Working in collaboration with students and staff, this endeavor has truly proved to be a community effort. Mr. Pimentel’s artist influence and passion began at age four with a love of comic books and animation. A native New Yorker and Parson’s School of Design graduate, he advanced his creative talents throughout his school years never realizing it would lead to his career as a muralist. His works constantly explore inspiration. Becoming a Teaching Artist and Artist in Residency in numerous schools throughout the tri-state region, he teaches “Lesson on the Wall” adorning school hallways with larger-than-life murals. Channeling the power of imagination, students at the Jr./Sr. High were encouraged to help as they filled the hallway with paint brushes in hand during the week of September 12.
The project was spearheaded by Christine Oswald, Art Department Chair and the Cultural Arts Committee parent volunteers. At the end of 2021, students were invited to submit drawings with the theme “Outdoor life in CSH.” The artist incorporated many of these sketches onto the mural which illustrate the many facets of Cold Spring Harbor and the intersection of the arts and sciences. Mural images include the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, DNA molecules, the public library, a giant osprey (our “Seahawk”) as well as our Seahawk logo, the RISE UP acronym emblazoned across the Seahawk, a giant ship’s wheel symbolizing the harbor’s aquatic life and boats nestled in our quaint hamlet, the guinea hens that can often be seen walking the campus, and so much more. One of the largest elements is a giant whale anchoring one end, (seemingly swimming off the wall!) embracing the history of Cold Spring Harbor as one of the three quintessential 19th century whaling ports on Long Island. The whale is embossed with a quote by Albert Einstein, "Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world."
The completed mural was unveiled on September 16 and it is vibrant and breathtaking, but most of all – it tells our story. A huge thanks you to the Cultural Arts Committee for bringing in Mr. Pimentel. To our community, the next time you visit the Jr./Sr. High School please take a stroll down the hallway after the guidance offices; this lasting legacy will be treasured for many years to come. Thank you to Mr. Pimentel and all the student artists, all we can say is WOW!