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United States Super STEM Competition Winner

Lucas Wolf was named the 2022 Mechanical Division Competition Winner for a STEM contest to build the strongest clamp. This international competition outlined clear specifications for students to follow otherwise they would face disqualification. Entrants submitted their designs in June 2022 and the judges inspected all entries in a single elimination tournament. The finalist’s entries were then tested and judged over the best of five rounds. Lucas Wolf, currently in 11th grade, was named Division Winner on June 15. Lucas competed as a 10th grader last year in James Hardy’s Independent Research Honors course. Mr. Hardy shared, “Lucas worked extremely hard on this project, making many prototypes before submitting his final design at the end of last year. This is a very well-deserved honor!”
The United States Super STEM Competition (USSSC) is an educational non-profit organization running a yearly event to challenge the creative mind of all middle school, high school and college students. The educational focus for 2022 is to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their innovative knowledge and skills by competing towards one goal ...success! Congratulations Lucas!
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