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Game Changers: Taking Care of Our Planet

Game Changers
Taking care of our planet

How can we help? This is a question West Side students involved in the H.E.R.O. service-learning project are asking. H.E.R.O. stands for Helping Everyone Reach Out, where students form various volunteer leadership groups, one of which this year focuses on sustainability. This passionate group of 6th-grade environmentalists have named their group “Game Changers” and they will be meeting all year to discuss how we can all change some of our habits to help preserve our resources and take better care of the planet. Principal, Alison Hazut, shared, “Their first step was to take all of the plastic straws out of the cafeteria, due to the negative implications of plastics in our oceans. I am excited to see how this work evolves!” Director of STEM, Kimberly Libertini, and Principal Hazut, accompanied these students on a special trip to the town of Huntington Covanta Recycling Plant on October 10th. Students learned that landfill waste is prohibited by state law and toured the solid waste facility to learn how solid waste can be used to generate renewable energy and turn garbage into electricity! Covanta employees spoke to West Side students about the amount of waste generated by the two major townships of Huntington and Smithtown here on Long Island. Ms. Libertini shared, “This will seed a larger conversation students will be having in school that focuses on both sustainability and human impact on the environment.” Thank you West Side Game Changers, for being role models and leading the way!