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Promethean Boards Expansion at all the schools

Promethean Boards
Expansion at all the schools

If you told recent CSH alumni that SMARTBoards were outdated, and now there is a new world of Promethean Boards, they would not only be surprised but would ask “What’s a Promethean Board?” One thing is for sure, technology changes very fast! SMARTBoards were amazing new technology with projectors hanging from the ceiling that powered oversized installed computer whiteboards that could magically draw and erase. Today, Promethean Boards no longer need a projector, they no longer need to be installed, they are freestanding interactive and touchscreen boards that allow 180-degree visibility and no longer cast shadows. Together with the roll-out of flexible furniture, a Promethean Board is no longer stationary in the front of the class, but can roll on wheels and has essentially “de-fronted” the classroom, supporting a more student-centered environment. Teachers can stand in the back of the room, and using their Chromebook or iPad can write out (or cast) lessons from any distance. Students have the ability to do the same right from their seats with their own devices. This new technology supports learning across all curriculum areas.

The use of interactive Boards in schools has created a significant change in teaching. Executive Director of Technology and Instruction, Joseph Monastero, shared, “If you consider that the average person understands only about 15% of what a TV remote can do on your TV, Promethean Boards are a continual journey of technology and understanding.” The staff for professional development training has been so receptive, that they formed their own collegial circles outside of school time to continue teaching! The makers of Promethean have been so impressed by our staff use of this tool, that they have implemented our suggestions for improvement and made revisions to the newest boards!

Last year, a pilot program began to test out the Promethean Boards in each building. To date the district now has 42 at the Jr./Sr. High, 6 at Goosehill, 16 at Lloyd Harbor, and 12 at West Side. Thanks to District funding approved by the Board of Education, donations from the CSH Education Foundation, and administration, CSH school district is providing its students and staff the equipment and classroom settings that are cutting edge in education today!