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“Science Time: What Will You Build?”

The ability to transform a classroom into a playground of imagination has students running to enter the STEAM Lab at Goosehill! The excitement and energy are contagious as students rotate stations to explore early engineering design feats. The bulletin board as you enter states, “Science Time: What Will You Build?” There are so many choices, be it the oversized foam or wooden building blocks, a Rig Ama-Jig, Sand Table, marble & magnet wall, giant Lite-Bright table, and more! Kids in Ms. DeRops class were so proud to show off their creations, which included a wooden airplane, a skeet ball course, a corn hole game, and a giant crane assembled with screws and moving parts! Witnessing deep concentration, combined with laughter and fun, was quite a sight. All of this was made possible due to a generous grant by the CSH Education Foundation last spring for $29,000 specifically allocated to build a STEAM Lab. Thank you to the Foundation, for providing these hands-on experiences that challenge students to be creative thinkers as it relates to science, technology, engineering, and math.