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Students present KidOYO

What better way to learn, than to learn from students! At the February Board of Education meeting, administration and staff were proud to present and collaborate with KidOYO coding projects by students from grades 4-8. “OYO” stands for “On Your Own” and that is certainly what these brilliant minds proved as they demonstrated their coding skills on the Promethean Board to community members. KidOYO was introduced to students beginning this fall in grades 4-6 and 8 immersing themselves in the exploration of various languages of code, all in an effort to deepen their learning of computer programming. Throughout the year, students have been submitting their work anonymously to Stony Brook University via the KidOO platform, which is then reviewed by graduate students who give feedback for improvement, or a badge for successful submission. In basic terms, coding is problem-solving. And the students are quickly showing us that at a very young age, they are mastering these skills quickly and having fun doing it! Students must notate all their work and overcome roadblocks and challenges. KidOYO challenges tell the students "what" to do, but not "how" to do it. The beauty is that they can all work at their own pace. School District staff not only visited off-site districts to explore and learn last summer, but they brought their knowledge back leading dedicated workshops at the Creative Learning Lab at Lloyd Harbor School during Superintendent’s Conference Days. Thank you to trainers Mr. Monastero, Ms. Wetzel, Mr. Healy, Ms. O’Donnell, Ms. Fraiberg, and Ms. Diehl. Coding has also been introduced at the K-1 level, with Beebots and Kibo won't be long before these students become student-teachers!

Students presenters: Lloyd Harbor: Owen Neri, Hannah Olson. West Side: Michael Aviles, Ryoma Furukawa, and Gavin Zarro. Junior High: DesmondMehta