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Time Capsules K-12

At the start of the school year, a district-wide initiative was implemented for all students to share their personal story of their time in quarantine. They were asked to think about their time in quarantine and answer questions such as; “How did you spend your time in quarantine?” “What did you learn about yourself, what have you gained and what have you lost?” Some students wrote a letter “to their future self,” which will be given either at the grade 6 Moving Up Day for elementary students, or at their high school graduation for the older students. Denise Campbell spearheaded the project, explaining, “Our Health and Wellness Advisory Group was responsible for reviewing ways to address the Social Emotional Needs of our students as we re-open schools. The committee recognized the importance of students starting school in September in a way that acknowledged the shared experiences of our school community since March. The time capsule activity provided choices for students K-12 to draw, write, photograph or sculpt moments that represented experiences during this pandemic. This was an ideal way to help record an historical snapshot of this unique period in time.” Students were also encouraged to write thank you cards to adults that worked so hard to keep everyone safe during the pandemic. Here are a few examples of the many amazing projects articulating the feelings of our students during a very challenging time.