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Tomato Sauce Day - WSS

“Did I hear we might not celebrate the annual tradition of Tomato Sauce Day? Well, if we can’t do it at school, then we will just have to do it virtually!” Parent, Dawn Pologruto, knew this was her kids’ favorite event of the year, so she volunteered to organize it remotely, with the help of Principal, Ms. Hazut, and the WSSPTG. They put out the challenge to families to gather in the kitchen and stir up grandma’s favorite Italian sauce together, and enjoy dinner time showcasing their hard work! Families stepped up to the challenge, seen here on this fabulous video created by Ms. Pologruto. She even gave Ms. Hazut a tomato sauce costume to wear during outdoor lunch, where students enjoyed lunch boxes filled by parents sending in leftovers. Director of Food Services, Gerri Tiger, even served up tomato sauce at lunch on two days for both groups of students. It was a wonderful (and delicious!) way to bring the WSS community together!