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     Course Outline


    Grade 7 and 8

    The Junior High art curriculum meets every other day all year. The course is designed to build upon and increase the student’s knowledge of the elements of art and principles of design. The elements of art and principles of design are color, value, line, shape, form, texture, space, balance, proportion, rhythm, movement, emphasis, unity, contrast, and variety.  The students will be using and working with a wide variety of mediums and will learn several techniques in how to use them.  An element of art history is greatly emphasized with every lesson being taught.  It is also mandatory for every student to keep an art journal throughout the course which includes written pieces and creative pieces of art.

    Studio Art:

    The Studio Art class consists of a class of high school students (9-12) and meet everyday throughout the school year.  This course is designed for students to expand their skills and knowledge from Junior High Art to a more advanced level of thinking, creating and critical judgment.  The students will continue to learn the Elements of art and Principles of design and learn new media and skills more emphasis on art history.

    Grading Policy:

    Students are graded according to work ethic and the quality of the artwork.

    Work Ethic: 50pts

    Attitude, preparation for class with your art supplies, with your ideas, research, and images relating to the subject, coming to class on time, working the whole period, and working to your ability.

    Quality of Artwork: 5o pts

    Neatness of presentation, originality, how much creativity was used, and overall quality of technique